Obsidian Sync: Error Unable to connect to server

What I’m trying to do

Use Obsidian Sync on my school/work computer.

I just started an Obsidian Sync account.
It works OK on my home computer and my personal phone (iPhone).
But it does not work on my school/work computer.

To give you some context:

  • On my school computer I have set a firewall, proxy and all those corporate limitations.
  • Obsidian can connect to internet, and update community plugins, update templates, and update the application (the Obsidian executable).
  • Obsidian was able to check that I have a vault on my Obsidian account named “Vault” and asked me for the “unlock password”
  • Before using Obsidian Sync, I was using Obsidian Git, but to make it work, I needed to setup an HTTP proxy on Git.
    • For you to understand how it works my proxy, on Git I have to configure it like the following (to make Obsidian Git work):

I thought Obsidian Sync was using an HTTP protocol, after reading the following: How to verify Obsidian Sync's end-to-end encryption - Obsidian
I was wrong.


So, I would like to know how I set the proxy on Obsidian to be able to sync?

Or how do I ask Obsidian to another URL or port, and not anything special that could be blocked on my corporate internet access? Instead of a websocket, use HTTP protocol?

Debug information

Obsidian version: v1.5.2
Installer version: v1.4.13
Operating system: Windows 10
Login status: logged in
Catalyst license: insider
Insider build toggle: on
Vault ID: 0xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx9
Host server: wss://sync-00.obsidian.md
Device name:
Allowed file types: image
Allowed special types:
Ignored directories:
Vault path: C:\Users\username\Documents\Obsidian\Vault
Sync logs:
1703880392879 Info  Paused
1703880392933 Info  Connecting to server
1703880393144 Error Unable to connect to server.
1703880397507 Info  Resumed. Detecting changes...
1703880397520 Info  Connecting to server
1703880397566 Info  Waiting to connect to server
1703880397749 Error Unable to connect to server.
1703880400511 Info  Waiting to connect to server
1703880430499 Info  Connecting to server
1703880430690 Error Unable to connect to server.
1703880461758 Info  Connecting to server
1703880461998 Error Unable to connect to server.
1703880465750 Info  Connecting to server
1703880465980 Error Unable to connect to server.

I don’t know enough about network stuff to help, but is this useful? https://help.obsidian.md/Obsidian+Sync/Security+and+privacy#Managing+access+to+Obsidian+Sync+on+your+network

Thank you! Interesting link.

I just found out a few things after lots of testing:

  • I found a way to set up the corporate VPN to be able to connect to the Obsidian server
  • If I start Obsidian before I do this setup of the VPN (to Obsidian have full internet access), I get multiple database errors. So, Obsidian must re-build the index.

  • With the VPN working, Obsidian with the database build: everything works as intended.

I will keep investigating.

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