Obsidian Sync does not sync themes, plugins or settings

What I’m trying to do

Set up Obisidan on my Chromebook, Windows 11 laptop and iPhone with Obsidian Sync and have all the settings and themes sync.

Things I have tried

All the notes sync across okay, but none of the settings, plugins or themes. It’s getting pretty tedious having to re-configure everything manually and even if I do it’s not going to be very pleasant having to maintain this across 4 devices. I read some old threads, some of which went back and forth over many, many posts and none of it provided any clear guidance. I read all the setup instructions for Obsidian Sync and I could not find any reference to themes or settings at all, except how to turn on the Obsidian Sync plugin.

Is there some setting I’ve missed somewhere or does it just not work?

I hadn’t connected to a remove vault in a while, so I couldn’t remember the default settings. I just connected to a remote vault from a device that wasn’t previously connected to that vault, and all the Vault configuration sync settings (at the bottom of Settings > Sync) are all off by default. These settings need to be set per-device.

If you haven’t toggled these on yet,

  1. I’d make a backup of the {VAULTNAME}/.obsidian settings folder on your device that you want to sync the settings from (just to be safe).
  2. If they aren’t, enable the settings you want to sync on that device and fully restart Obsidian. You can check the sync activity/log to see what .json settings files were uploaded.
  3. Enable the settings you want to sync on your other devices and restart Obsidian on each device.
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