Obsidian Sync - Database is Locked error

I am 2 years into Obsidian, and 2 months into Obsidian Sync. I am running Obsidian with Obsidian Sync on two Mac laptops .

Mid-day, for no apparent reason, I started getting "Database is locked [file path and file name] error on both laptops; my note files will not sync. I have restarted Obsidian, rebooted the laptops, I have perfect internet connection.

What am I doing wrong? What is going on?

The server is deleting old version history entries.
It should resolve automatically in a bit, depending on how many entries it has to delete.

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So, just be patient … I do have about 30K note files, I guess it will take a while … :open_mouth:

8 hours later … I am still getting the same “database is locked” message … any additional thoughts or actions?!

Running for 8 hours, still getting the same “database locked” message - any additional thoughts or actions ?!

Send an email to [email protected] and provide your account info.

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