Obsidian Sync: Connecting to remove vault failing on iOS

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install Obsidian from the App store
  2. Set up Sync - enter username and password
  3. See the remote vault - choose to connect to it
  4. See the toast notification “Successfully verified your password”
  5. Get a red error message (with white text) reading: "null is not an object (evaluating ‘this.db.put’)

iPhone 12 Pro; iOS 16.4 Beta, Lockdown mode enabled, over 35 GB storage available on the device (vault is 77 MB).

I purchased Obsidian Sync late Jan but have never successfully connected Obsidian iOS to the Obsidian sync. Sync is working fine between Windows/Mac.

Can you post a screenshot of your sync logs
on iOS?

How many remote vaults do you have?

Also, try to uninstall and reinstall the app. Also try with lockdown mode disabled.

It is possible to add add apps to the exclusion list for Lockdown Mode. Perhaps try that and report back on if it makes a difference?

See the section “How to exclude apps or websites from Lockdown Mode”:

I tried deleting and reinstalling the app without any change to behaviour.

Having checked the Sync log after receiving the null is not an object error it does appear to be syncing - I can see it downloading a big pile of files, all the way up to fully synced (there are no errors). However, when I close/restart the app and open the Sync settings, it says it is not connected to any remote vault.

I have two remote vaults in total.

Obsidian doesn’t appear in the list of apps for which you can disable lockdown mode, so I haven’t checked this yet - I’ll take another look over the weekend and see if lockdown mode makes a difference.

FYI we had another user with Lockdown Mode enabled report issues via the support email; they were able to resolve it by adding Obsidian to the exclusion list. (I’m not sure how that’s done, exactly, but at least we have n = 1 for a potential solution here.