Obsidian Sync confuses the dates of the files -- how to fix?

What I’m trying to do

I have two devices that I use Obsidian on. One is my main PC that I use daily. The other is a laptop that I open once a week. Both have Obsidian installed and Sync on.

Problem is, when I open Obsidian on my laptop after being away from it for a week and let it sync, all the notes that had been modified since the laptop was opened the last time get synced to the version on the laptop – to the one week old versions. New notes that had been created on the desktop get pushed to the laptop as normal. How to make it not, so that the updates I make on my PC are not reversed?

Things I have tried

Fiddling with Sync settings – nothing like that

Going a week between syncs isn’t ideal, but that still shouldn’t be happening.

The first thing I’d suggest is testing what happens when you open the laptop after a shorter time — try it after a day, or even after a few minutes. This will show if the length of time / number of changes is a factor. If it is, you’ll have a workaround until a proper solution can be found.

You can also try the troubleshooting steps in the Obsidian debugging guide. That might not be feasible if it takes a week for the problem to appear, but it will rule out various potential causes.

And you’re entitled to email [email protected] for direct support.

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