Obsidian Sync as backup for notes

That is more a question: Obsidian Sync just sync the vault between my devices, or it keeps a copy of my vault? Imagine this: I just have my laptop where I use Obsidian and I have Obsidian Sync working, if my laptop crashed beyond repair, could I install Obsidian in a new laptop and get back all my notes, files, configs, and so on?

Obsidian Sync keeps an encrypted copy of your vault in the vault.


However, bear in mind that backup solutions do more that that and we don not advertise nor support using Obsidian Sync for backups.

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Understood. I just was wondering if I can do a restore to a new machine without pulling from an existent device. The PDFs, images and so on will be included or I have to backup and restore from another place?

It depends if you synchronized them or not.

Please, read the docs

Yeah. I marked to sync them. My real concern is if there is a storage limit. I used to use Standard Notes and the sync feature has a limit for how much large can be the notes repository with attachments (I think it was 1 or 2 GB). There is such a limit to Obsidian? I’m starting to add images and PDFs to my vault and I wouldn’t like to have troubles losing files with the sync because I extrapolated the size limit for sync.

Nevermind. I found it here the limit is 10GB with 100MB max. for each file.

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