Obsidian Sync: are Plugins not synced to iOS?

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Hello all,
I am currently setting up “my” Obsidian environment which includes a Windows PC and notebook and an iPhone and an iPAD. I am using Obsidian Sync.
Synching the contents of the notes is working fine, except for Table of Contents where I am using the “Dynamic Table of Content-plugin”. I am also using “Highlightr” and the “Markdown Table Editor”. I cannot see any commands in the command palette for those plugins on the iDevices. Everything is fine on the Notebook though which is also synched using Obsidian Sync.
I am aware that “some” plugins do not work on iOS. Are those three belonging to this category, or this there some configuration extra which I probably missed?
I am thankful for any advice which might help.

Best, Wolfgang

I can add some more information: I can see all 3 plugins on my iDevices now… :sunglasses:
I did manually install the “Dynamic Table of Content-plugin” on the iPhone and iPAD and this made the settings on the iDevices change to display that 3 community plugins ARE installed.
The TOC are displayed on the iDevices now correctly. But I still could not figure out if and how to use the Highlightr-plugin for example…

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