Obsidian Sync and Onedrive

Howdy. I currently have Obsidian synced to multiple desktops using Onedrive, where the vault is two way synced to the desktop.

I just purchased Obsidian Sync but occurred to me that this could cause some unforeseen conflicts.

What is the best practice before I turn Sync on? Should I disconnect from Onedrive or have have one primary computer using onedrive while the others use Sync? Am I overthinking it?

My experience was (using iCloud) that you don’t want to have your files in a synced location and then turn on Obsidian Sync. Caused lots of file duplication etc for me. I had to then turn it off, transfer my icloud files to a local machine and connect that to a fresh Obsidian sync. I then created empty vaults on my other machines and pointed those empty vaults to the Obsidian sync vaults.


So, what you are saying is that there is no way to use Obsidian Sync (just to use the version history feature) and have the vault reside inside an iCloud folder (in my case iAwriter). Is any configuration using folder exclusion possible? I do not know, seems weird that the only way to have version history is to turn Sync on, but then you cannot have your vault in iCloud


I would also like to know whether there are any updates regarding having both Obsidian sync and Onedrive turned on, and sync the same folder?

I am using Onedrive and Icloud for all my computers (Windows and Mac). It would be troublesome for me to find a location that is not synced by either of those two services in my computers.

I am considering purchasing Obsidian Sync due to the versionining.

But not being able to Obsidian sync, together with Onedrive - is a definite deal-breaker for my use case.

Onedrive already has its own version history. So to have both versioning seems redundant to me. any sync services would bound to have some conflict with obsidian sync, mainly because obsidian sync works at app level, whereas others mostly work at OS level.

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