Obsidian Sync and iCloud Drive… at the same time?

I’m trying to understand exactly what the problem would be with using iCloud Drive and Obsidian Sync at the same time. I am aware of this page, which gives a general warning against 3rd party services. However, I tried the set up described below for a couple of weeks and didn’t have any issues. I can’t tell whether that was just sheer luck or whether the way I am doing things doesn’t really run the risk of creating the dreaded ‘race conditions’:

  1. My notes are in a folder, in iCloud Drive.
  2. I open that folder as a vault in Obsidian Mac. I make it into a synced vault.
  3. On my iPad, Obsidian for iPad creates a copy of that vault in the local storage.
  4. If I make changes via Obsidian on iPad, Obsidian Sync makes the changes back on the folder in iCloud Drive (provided that Obsidian Mac is running, that is).
  5. If I make changes on Mac — using any app — those changes are picked up by Obsidian Sync when the Obsidian Mac app is running.
  6. If I make changes on the iCloud Drive folder using another app, iCloud copies those back onto the iCloud Drive on the Mac, and then, if Obsidian Mac is running, Obsidian Sync picks up these changes and makes them available for Obsidian iPad whenever it opens next.

This scheme I’ve used for a few weeks without trouble.
It can be useful if:

  • you have a notes folder in an iCloud Drive location that you don’t want to move or
  • you have notes in a folder that another app doesn’t want you to move. For example, NotePlan will not allow you to load notes unless they’re in iCloudDrive/NotePlan or using CloudKit.

I’d like to hear from anyone who has experienced problems with a set-up like this or can give me an explanation about why this is a bad idea. Trying to learn.

That should work and is the recommended setup in the help document you linked if you are going to use a 3rd party sync service. I do something similar with another 3rd party sync.

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