Obsidian Sync: Add option to buy more remote vaults

The current maximum of 5 vaults is too few for some users; there should be some way to increase the number. If necessary, you could charge per additional vault.

Posted at the explicit direction of @WhiteNoise (rather than continuing the discussion from Sync more vaults with Obsidian Sync, and pool space together.


I woud however not charge ‘additional’, as obsidian sync alone is already several times more expensive than what you pay for other products for sync and all their other online services. Price wise i don’t think the value to be over 4€/month for syncing, and that would already be considered expensive. So for 10€/month it should already by the higher tier, with more vaults but especially much much more space ! can get hundreds of GB of storage online for just a few bucks a month, i don’t see why it is so limited.

I was pretty shocked when I paid $96 USD for a year of Sync, that when creating my six remote vaults there seems to be a hard limit of five. Not sure why so small, would think this is quite restrictive for some use-cases.

Indeed. I seem to have missed this restriction when I bought Sync. I’d maybe even pay for an upgrade, but I think it would need to be substantial. The reason is that I would like to use Obsidian for a lot of projects, each of which would need its own vault. I also have quite a few of existing projects, which I’d like to gradually migrate over to Obsidian, but I can’t do that now because of the limit. This makes me question if Obsidian is the right platform for me since I’d like to have all my projects within one tool, and Obsidian is perfect for the job.
Also, I’d prefer to be charged on a usage basis, i.e. depending on how much memory my data uses and maybe depending on the synchronization traffic.
I would appreciate it greatly if there was a solution for this issue available soon.

Can I ask that the Team please respond with options - I agree that 5 vaults are totally inadequate for commercial use! There is already a 10GB storage limit why also impose the 5 vault limit?

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