Obsidian started freezing upon opening

A few days back my obsidian application started to freeze every time I tried to open it. I had downloaded unreal engine and xcode the same day the freeze started. I thought maybe these downloads had something to do with the app freezing since all my vaults are connected to icloud.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to access my vaults.

Things I have tried

I have called apple support which proved unhelpful.

I’ve restarted my computer which actually sometimes works, but then obsidian freezes again after a few minutes.

I’ve downloaded the newest version of obsidian.

I’ve deleted unreal engine.

Did you check if your vaults are downloaded and available locally before launching Obsidian ? :thinking:

Do you happen to have, on your Mac (I assume), the iCloud settings “Optimise Mac storage” (or something like that :see_no_evil: ) toggled On ? (if yes, you might try to toggle it Off)

Edit: Maybe adding a bit more context could also be helpful :innocent: :

  • What’s your operating system ?
  • Do you use any plugins ?
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In your opinion do you think this is a communiy plugin issue or an icloud issue?

If I turn “optimize mac storage” off what are the downsides of doing this?

I restarted my computer and took advantage of the fact that it wasn’t frozen yet by deleting any unnecessary commuty plugins. Then I updated all the plugins I do use and turned on debug start up time.

That all you iCloud Drive content will be downloaded on your Mac :sweat_smile:
So, depending on how much content you have in iCloud Drive, it could take some place on your hard drive and/or a while to download.

For vaults stored on (and/or sync though) iCloud it is generally recommended to toggle off the “optimise storage …” (so the vaults, while still being in iCloud, are still local)

Regarding the plugins, if this is all the plugins you use, you might want to try to disable all of them (or turn on “Restricted mode” in Obsidian’s settings > Community plugins) and see if it’s still happening :blush: .

I think I would prefer to leave it on. I have almost 100GB of videos and photos that I can’t store locally. Do you use git to backup your vaults or icloud?

I use git to “follow” some of my vaults but not for backups…

At the moment, I’ve just periodically compressed copies of my vaults and kept them in various locations :blush: (all my vaults are stored on and sync through iCloud) as syncing is not a back up… Nothing fancy :smile:

If you’re talking about photos & videos in the Photos app, I don’t think the “optimise Mac storage” thingy affects these, only the documents in iCloud Drive :thinking:

I mean, my photos and videos from the Photos app take 124 Go of space in iCloud… but not on my hard drive, a far as I can see (I think Photos does the managing of these, in its settings)