Obsidian spoils the templates

Obsidian spoils the templates view after pasting.

Template before pasting:

Template after pasting:

How to fix it? It is important for me to maintain the formatting of the template text.
Obsidian v1.4.16

Go to
Settings> editor> properties in document> visible

properties doesn’t work anymore as we
know it from the past

It did not help. Pasted templates still change after pasting.

Setting properties to visible displays Obsidians new properties interface which is more legible in my opinion. I don’t like the nested yaml view either.
In source mode, Obsidian applies always a nested layout by default as far as I know.

With the introduction of Properties (and probably even sometime before that), Obsidian started using a new YAML library that entails automatic reformatting of frontmatter.

For startardizing your frontmatter across the vault, you could consider using the Linter plugin (look for YAML leaf in its settings).

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