Obsidian Spell Check is ON in Android (11) even when Toggled Off

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Steps to reproduce

Obsidian Gets updated from older version on Android (10) - and SpellCheck gets toggled on - irrespective of What the Toggle button says.

  1. Update to Latest (Feb 4th version Obsidian) on Android Tab (S6 Lite)
  2. Start typing in obsidian.
  3. If you try to type anything that Obsidian Spell Check doesnt recognise, then -
    3. a. Space key acts like “Insert” Toggle key. (new letters typed get
    eaten away)
    3. b. Hitting Enter Key, allows resumption of normal keyboard functionality until issue presents again
    3.c. Eg: “cant” cant be written. Has to be only “can’t”.

Expected result

  1. No Spell-Check on unless Toggled On.
  2. Fuss-free typing. : No interruption of Cursor or Deletion of Typed words.

Actual result

  1. Spell Check on, unnecessarily.
  2. Words typed deleted.
  3. App unusable for fast typing. (I spent 1 hour for typing what would normally take less than 25 mins)


  • Operating system: Android 11, Samsung s6 Lite (non-Dex mode)
  • Debug info:

Additional information