Obsidian silently crashes

I’m experiencing silent crashes with obsidian. I’ve had crashes when opening the config menu and clicking on the “default pane view” dropdown menu.

Yesterday the situation got worse. Now when I click the “open another vault” button (or run it with the command palette), I get a crash.

Just to be sure, I deleted the .config/obsidian and .obsidian folders, reinstalled obsidian, I even reinstalled all its dependencies (recursively), and the problem persists.

I checked .config/obsidian/obsidian.log but there is nothing useful here.

I really don’t know where to look, appart from straceing the binary to see if I can find something useful.


  • OS: archlinux
  • version: 0.13.31
  • plugins: none
  • desktop environment : sway (wayland)

we don’t take bug reports involving the arch package because we don’t produce it.
It happens with the appimage or snap, open a new bug report and try to attach as much info as possible.