Obsidian signing me up for spam mail?

Last night I received an email letting me know I had been subscribed to an email list from “stephanango.com”. At first I thought it was just plain old spam, but going to the domain I saw the individual is one of the people working on Obsidian.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like, use, and paid to support Obsidian. But I certainly don’t support any of the people behind it grabbing my email address and signing me up for their personal mailing lists. Yes, it was easy enough to unsubscribe, but I shouldn’t have to. I do hope this was some sort of mistake.


I do think this was a mistake or something similar.
cc @kepano

Hey there, this doesn’t have anything to do with Obsidian. The reason you received an email is that I migrated my list of backers from Buy me a coffee (where you backed my work on Minimal) to a an email service called Buttondown.

The reason is that I wanted to have more control over the emails because I find the ones Buy me a coffee sends to be poorly formatted.

The email you received last night was automatically sent by Buttondown to verify you still want to receive updates from me. It is opt out by default.


Ah. might have been better if you explained that in the email, would have had a lot less misunderstanding.

I agree. My apologies!

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