Obsidian SGF Viewer (Go Board Game)

I’m trying to create a plugin for viewing SGF files in Obsidian Notes.

Originally, I wanted to use Sabaki as an editor, however, I don’t know how to embed it on a browser (I’ve even created an issue about this).

Right now, I’m trying to use WGo.js, which is something I have used on my personal website, fanaro.io.

After creating the boilerplate for the plugin, I feel a bit lost as to how to make it happen, since this is my first Obsidian plugin. For example, I don’t know how to embed <script> elements in a note — or maybe there’s a way of using WGo.js imperatively through JS, even though I’ve tried it in the past, in vain.

Right now, I’ve created a question about this on StackOverflow, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You might wanna take a look at Obsidian Goban plugin

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Ah, yes. I had seen that one, but it doesn’t actually go through SGF files, it’s Sensei Library’s format.