Obsidian Roundup

I found @EleanorKonik’s Obsidian Roundup useful but, from what I can tell, it has gone into a substack behind a paywall (understandable, but I am at my limit of paid services). Am I missing it somewhere or is there an equivalent thread anywhere to discover new plug-ins and tips?

I’m not sure she even does it anymore

There is no paywalled version, I just had a lot of health and energy problems when I got pregnant with my daughter and I haven’t been able to keep up with much. She’s about 7 months old – it’ll be another year before she’s out of the house and I have more bandwidth for computer hobbies since I also have a full time job now.

But the roundup is definitely not paywalled and for that matter neither really is the Substack – I only ever had a paywall to help thank people who were helping pay for posting and incidental expenses associated with the roundup and I don’t have any of those anymore on substack.


Thanks @EleanorKonik - that’s helpful. I knew you were busy but lost track on whether the roundup had returned or where people get their Obsidian news now. It was such a great contribution and I am sincerely grateful for all you did on it. No surprises that you have your hands full with the little one which is the most precious time of all. :grinning: