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Hi, I have been using Obsidian for six months and until recently I have appreciated its robustness and stability. I access file from different desktop computers at home and at work. However, in the past two weeks Obsidian has been acting out.
It replicates folders and files. Copies are often empty shells in a Russian-doll effect.
I cancel them to no avail as they re-create themselves. Very frustrating.
Moreover the sync via Google drive has stopped working.
The only major change has been pairing Obsidian up with Logseq. I have had issues with synchronising the folders I use with both programs.
I wonder if anyone has had similar issues.
Grateful for any help -

Are you able to replicate the issues without Google Drive? Are you using ‘smart sync’ (or whatever Google calls it), where files are downloaded on demand?

Thanks for your kind reply. I only use Obsidian with Google Drive as I need to access files from different locations. I assume that it would work if my vault would reside on the hard disk of one of the machines; however, I have not yet tried it.
As for the smart sync on Google I am not sure I understand your questions. I have checked my settings and cannot find this option.

If there hasn’t been a problem with Google previously, then it’s likely a clash between Obsidian and Logseq and Google somewhere. If the new player is Logseq, I’d take a closer look at how it’s interacting with Drive.

I am removing Logseq and deleting the THOUSANDS of replicated files that have now cluttered my account on Google Drive. Really annoyed with all of this.

I think @santi may be a Logseq user …

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Is the folder you are using for syncing, set to ‘Available offline’? For Mac OS, this setting only lives in the right click menu in Finder.

I have contacted Santi and he has graciously helped as well.
I suspect - as you have suggested - that it is an issue of conflict btw Obsidian and G-Drive when syncing.
I have reinstalled Obsidian and cleaned up the jungle of ghost files/folders.
Hopefully, it should be back to normal. For the time being I will do without Logseq.

I am very grateful for your kind help.
Best regards -

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I have seen really weird issues with smart sync/files on demand/non-offline folders. Honestly, I still think Dropbox is the best as far as reliability goes.

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thanks @rpcm and @gigliod for mentioning me

For anyone else that might stumble upon this and it’s looking to figure out how to use Logseq + Obsidian I made a video about it

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