Obsidian Renderer Crashes Mac and Cause reboot with embedded query

Obsidian randomly crashes my computer, causing a full system reboot. Debug Trace is submitted below.

Steps to reproduce

I am unaware of how to reproduce. However, the system crash seems to occur shortly after an embedded query stops working in preview mode. The embedded query works for a short time but randomly stops returning results.

Expected result

Doesn’t cause system crash and query returns values


  • Operating system: Mac OS 11.1 Big sur
  • Obsidian version: 0.10.5

Additional information

Trace Log: https://pastebin.com/f2J89h3y

Is it possible that your computer crashed because it crashed and has nothing to do with obsidian?

IF you use the same embedded query again, does it crash?

I haven’t changed the query and the query usually returns correctly. It only happens in the preview mode and specifically when a the query stops working.

I’ll be using obsidian and then all of the existing queries within the document stop working. I just get a blank search block with no search results underneath. Then after a few minutes I get the black screen of death, and the computer reboots.

Computer has crashed 4 times in the past 2 days. Each time the OS output logs shows the following (see OS trace log above):

Process name corresponding to current thread: Obsidian Helper (Renderer)

There error is always with a spinlock being held too long.

I’m disabling, third party plugins and waiting to see if that is causing the issue. I’ll report back if It happens again

I suggest you report the bug to apple and electron, because Obsidian is deep in userland and whatever we are doing, should not result in kernel panic. It’s like if yo are browsing a website and your computer crashes. It’s not the website, it’s either the browsers or the os.

What’s your installer version?

I suggest you report the bug to apple and electron, because Obsidian is deep in userland and whatever we are doing, should not result in kernel panic.

Already done. BIg Sur has been a pile of crap from a stability perspective. I’ve have obsidian installed on linux and windows with no issues. This has only been happening on my new laptop

What’s your installer version?


I just want to say that it happened to me as well, twice, on Big Sur 11.1. Who knows what might that be ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Hey @Luca1152

Do you have an external monitor?

I have a feeling that it’s related to a something with the video driver or thunderbolt monitor dongle

Nope, I don’t have one.

Edit: By the way, my laptop is a MacBook Pro 13 mid-2020 (latest Intel model, not ARM), so I kinda doubt it’s a hardware issue, being fairly new.

Mine is new and Intel as well. I got my laptop in December 2020.

I think its big sur related. Noticed some random issues with my monitor dongle, so thought it maybe related to the dongle or to thunderbolt adapters.

False alarm. Still randomly crashes without the monitor connected.

Hi, I found this because I also had a crash as I pasted something. (Obsidian 0.10.13, installer 0.10.1)

I’ve attached the crash report since it mentions the Obsidian Helper.


crash.log.zip (3.3 KB)

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I have just had exactly the same issue. A kernel panic on a 2020 Intel Mac with Obsidian open and running an embedded query. The description of the faulty process is as per above.