Obsidian & Readwise - highlights in specific format to enable dataview qeury

What I’m trying to do

I use Readwise to classify quotes I have highlighted and these end up in Obsdian. Pretty standard workflow I think. Aim: to create a dataview table in Obsidian which displays all of the quotes I have tagged to a specific #tag (e.g. #influence)**

I received some earlier help on this forum and am using this dataview query:

TABLE without ID file.link as Source,
L.text AS "Quotes"
FROM "Readwise"
FLATTEN file.lists AS L
WHERE contains(L.tags, "#influence")

It seems, however, thar in order for this to work, the quote that I ingest via Readwise needs to be in a specific format. It needs to have quotation marks around it, needs to have a bullet point and needs to have tags immediately after the quote.

Something like this seems to work in terms of being ingested into the dataview table:

Second question: the highlight now doesn’t display neatly in the Obsidian note – is there a way the quotation marks and bullet can start directly at the quote itself?

Aim is to end up with a table query that looks like the first entry, rather than the second

May I am wrong in my assumption that this is a ReadWise side issue and I can chance the Obsdian dataview query.

This is my current formatting set up in ReadWise for highlights:

#### {% if highlight_location %} {{highlight_location}}{% endif %}
> > "{{ highlight_text }}" {% if highlight_location and highlight_location_url %}
> > Link: [{{highlight_location}}]({{highlight_location_url}}){% elif highlight_location %}
> > Ref: {{highlight_location}}{% endif %}{% if highlight_tags %}
> **Tags**: {% for tag in highlight_tags %}{{tag}} {% endfor %}{% endif %}{% if highlight_note %}
> **Note**: {{ highlight_note }}{% endif %}

Things I have tried

I’ve tried searching this and other forums, and playing around with the ReadWise code. If I move the “tags” portion of the code to come immediately after the highlight itself, I end up with the following error: “highlight_template: Template syntax invalid: ‘NoneType’ object is not iterable”

Thanks in advance for your help. I’ve tried as far as I can to step this out neatly, but let me know if my explanation is confusing!

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