Obsidian publishes a new folder/note, but it does not display it online

I have published a folder with notes and images. Unfortunately even after a few hours they do not show up online.


There is currently an ongoing issue with cloudflare

Thank you, it is a relief to know the issue is CDN related.

I need to reopen this issue as it has yet to be resolved. I have also checked the Cloudflare status page https://www.cloudflarestatus.com and there are no CDN issues.

Today none of my updates look right as they are missing all the visual aids.

I just published a new page and although it shows as published, it is not available online (cannot be seen in the navigation pane).


this should be fixed now.

Have not been able to test yet, but hopefully it has been resolved. Any update would take 24hrs or more to take effect (hopefully now resolved).

Confirmed fixed. Thank you for your kind support.

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