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For the new Obsidian Publish service, Is there any information on where my data is being stored? I like the sound of it, but just want to know the privacy / security in place. Thanks!

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Given that what you publish will be publicly visible, what are your privacy concerns?


First - congrats on getting the Publishing feature off the ground. This looks extremely promising.

As for “privacy” - at least from my perspective I would like to be able to work through the new features and experiment with various ideas before it is accessible to the general public. is there any process you can suggest to restrict access during the “Construction” phase?

Publish is made for Public Notes and uses TLS, so seems secure :slight_smile:

It’s on our own server and not on a third party service like Amazon Web Services or Firebase. Hope that helps. Or did you want to know the geographical location of the server?

Information that help be helpful: https://publish.obsidian.md/help/Add-on%20services/Obsidian%20Publish

I know this might not be Publish’s purpose, but I’d love if we could restrict access to published pages to only some people, or make pages/websites password-protected, for instance.


Is there a way to unpublish a note? I can’t find any in the Publish Plug-in. Thank you:)

Sorry, not yet. The workaround would be to put the Markdown file in another place, publish your changes (the note will show up as “deleted”), and then put it back but not publish it this time around.

Will add this functionality soon!


Thank you for your answer, I’ll do just that. By the way, thank you for the amazing work! :slight_smile:


Using test files and not sending the link to everyone should prevent people from seeing it. In the future we might introduce passcodes, which might help.


hoping that the best way to “unpublish” all notes and start my published site as a fresh collection, I deleted the whole site.

However now the system won’ta accept my site name (same as the one I deleted) saying that it is in use.

What can I do to use the same site name (my original name) and re-start my publish project?

If you try to use the name immediately after you delete it, it might not be freed up yet.

Try again in ~15 minutes and let me know if you can claim it. Thanks!

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