Obsidian Publish: what is it?

This is just my being nosy, but still. I noticed something on the Roadmap: Obsidian Publish beta.

What is it?


It will be the ability to publish your notes on the web. I don’t know if we know any more details than that!

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Thanks, Ryan! Can’t wait to try it out.

I’m very much looking forward to this. I’ve posted a bunch of requests for “crucial” interface features, but this (along with a sophisticated graphing system) is my ultimate goal/need. Yet, with Markdown files, it should be relatively easy to export and publish them through Github Pages or whatever. Still, the more seamless and consistent the experience and features from desktop to web the better.

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Hey there,

Cross post from another thread:

I built a solution for publishing Obsidian notes to GitHub Pages and other platforms.

With docsify I create a single page application and then added a docsify plugin to convert the wiki links.

In short I walked through regex hell to convert wiki links.

Next step is SSR and integrating Algolia search.

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thank you so much for this!!