Obsidian Publish - trailing slashes break permalinks

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create and publish a page with a permalink specified in the frontmatter.
  2. Open the page on the web. It should be redirected to permalink URL.
  3. Add a trailing slash to the URL and try to open the resulting URL.

Expected result

The link should open normally as if it was without a trailing slash.

Actual result

404 not found

Additional information

Normal URLs and aliases specified in the frontmatter work fine with trailing slashes.

E.g., there is a page “About Me” published on Obsidian Publish site “site” with the following frontmatter:

alias: Stuff
permalink: about

All of these URLs will work:


However, https://publish.obsidian.md/site/about/ will result in 404.

is this still happening?

This happens only for some urls now, but not for all of them.
E.g. https://dsent.me/2019/lesson-to-unlearn works, but https://dsent.me/2019/lesson-to-unlearn/ doesn’t, while both https://dsent.me/list/translations and https://dsent.me/list/translations/ work fine.

Noticed this today as well.

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