Obsidian publish timeframe

Does anyone knows if it’s matter of days, weeks, months or trimester to see this come to life? I am right now trying to find an app for my note for university and job. My favorite is Obsidian but I’m having hard time to export and share my note to teammates. Have you some clue to help me share or export in pdf before this feature is available?

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The official publish feature (beta) should be available within the next 2 weeks.

Export to PDF might come a little later. It’s still an important feature that we want to include though.


Also: don’t ignore the usefulness of exporting via Typora or other Markdown editors! You can get great results by opening your notes in other apps.

Oooooo shiny! Can’t freakin wait!

Or, on macOS, dragging the document(s) from the Vault folder in the file system onto the Marked app icon for print or PDF or other export as desired.

It would helpful to be able to drag a document directly out of Obsidian (i.e., drag a copy out) to some other destination, but not possible now.

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