Obsidian publish - some questions

Dear all!

Maybe someone who has purchased the publish-service can help.
In general, the idea seems great and it might very well fit my needs. But I feel, the information on the website is a bit lacking. So, some questions from my side:

  • Is there a limit for using pictures in terms of upload-space? I dont plan to use it as a collection of pictures, but I would very much like to use pictures to illustrate my content and this can quickly ramp up in terms of upload-volume.
  • which (third party) plugins are usable in publish? Eg: is it possible to use and display the calendar plugin? Is it possible to use templates?
  • Overall I am unsure about the options regarding the design and functionality: Eg is it possible to exchange the css as seamless than it is in the desktop-version (changing it via the app)?. Is it possible to enable the “fold-header-option”?

Overall it might be nice to have a dedicated forum thread about publish.



I agree a dedicated forum would be good. I pay for publish monthly. I wish to use it for a community project but holding off purchasing an annual plan or next months payment as lack of information on publish and future updates makes me unsure. Theoretically its quite something but for me I wish to

  1. connect it to my own domain
  2. Have the calendar plugin available
  3. Fold headings
  4. Have a search facility

As for css you can change that by adding a publish.css file into your vault. Just duplicate your css file and change name to publish.css.

To be upfront and honest, I haven’t even checked to publish for a few weeks. Will play with it today to see if any developments.

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Custom domains and search are coming to Obsidian Publish in the short-term, according to the roadmap.

Hi @NGO-Guy, let me know if you have unanswered questions after those helpful responses.

If you want to trial Publish, feel free to DM me either on forum or Discord!

By the way, we just shipped search on Publish today. More coming soon!

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Hi, I have seen examples of published notes and am interested in buying the service.
I read the details about the plugin but how does it work?

  • Publishing notes as md files previously converted to html I presume?
  • But more importantly if my vault contains all my linked-to files, like a lot of images and pdf, do I have to first ftp transfer them to the hosting services?
    I have a custom domain already and that’s the way I work for my current website.

I want to understand the actual way of working and doing things
Please enlighten me :smiley:
I think documentation is missing on the how-tos for this functionality. Or maybe I have not looked in the right place?


Hi Fred,

Have you looked at this page?

Yes I did and I don’t see any mention of file transfer for publication.
If I embed pdf, images, videos inside my notes: Do I need to have them all hosted on a dedicated domain/subdomain? transferred via ftp?
or is there a specific procedure that applies to obsidian to receive these files on an obsidian server/host?
Anyone who had published a site should be able to tell me how they did it, right?

No, it will all be handled by Obsidian. You include them when uploading just like any other Markdown file.

This video might help https://youtu.be/_9mOVTztawA?t=223, or you can search for “Obsidian Publish” on YouTube to see if any video helps.

I think it’s likely going to be really straightforward once you try it, because many of the sites contain images and media (for example https://publish.obsidian.md/anthony-agbay/Retina), and we haven’t received reports or questions about “how do I do that?”

In general I think it should be easier than you think, because using Obsidian Publish requires no knowledge of HTML of FTP. You don’t even need to own a domain! The custom domain feature is new, and the setup process is entirely independent of the uploading process.

Thanks for you reply.
So, I understand that the publication process is indeed carrying/transferring the files to your hosting services, like it would do for the notes.md.
I see no issue as long as the files are light, like notes.md files are.
But, I don’t know if there is a limit to how many Megabytes can be hosted on your servers?
If you know please tell me.
I think I will still transfer my files via ftp and host them on my domain first.
I will start using publish plugin only with notes.md and images and see how it goes.


hi, my computer says that site doesn’t exist.

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