Obsidian Publish sites stick and bounce at the end of the page

Steps to reproduce

Visit the publish.obsidian.md page and any of the blogs linked there on iPad (not sure if this happens on Desktop but I noticed it on my iPad).
Scroll to the bottom
It should snap when it gets to the bottom (instead of being smooth)
then when you keep trying to scroll it bounces and has a weird animation.

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? No

Expected result

For it to be smooth when it hits the bottom.

Actual result

It isn’t smooth.


iPad OS 16.5 Safari
Everything updated to latest production release.

Additional information

I am sharing this on Discord with a video cause I can’t share the screen recording here. I have one if someone wants me to email it to them or something (or it will be on Discord in the #obsidian-publish channel)

I can recreate the same behaviour on Safari Technology Preview: Release 170 (Safari 16.4, WebKit 18616.1.14.5. This is both typical user agent, and then emulating iPad in responsive mode.

It is particularly apparent in two factors to me:
a. The individual has an external link as a header.
b. When “scrolling” with a keyboard versus a mouse, even when attempting continuous scroll.

Both conditions do not have to exist for the effect to happen.

Can somebody attach a link to a video here? I am not sure I understand what the problem is.

Sorry I didn’t see this.
I can’t upload it here but I have an iCloud link: iCloud
You can see I am on the Obsidian help site and how it is rough when it gets to the bottom.
Then on the main obsidian site is nicely bounces.