Obsidian Publish site works flawlessly in Edge, but sluggishly in Firefox

Things I have tried

Clearing browser cache/cookies. Trying multiple browsers.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to access my published site (www.radianrad.com) on Firefox. I’m noticing that the site works well in Edge, but is choppy in Firefox 102.0. Navigating panes seems to be where the sluggishness is most notable.

This seems like a new thing, and unsure if it’s my computer, the site itself, or some other issue.

Thank you!

The wiki part of your site, including going back and forth between panes stacked up on the left and right side, seems fine on my up-to-date Firefox on a pretty new laptop. So at least at some level of computer fanciness, not a site issue. Good luck debugging!

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