Obsidian Publish on iOS (mobile)

Is it possible to push updates via Obsidian Publish from the mobile app?

In the mobile app I enabled Publish in the Core Plugins (I already have a Publish account setup). Then when I click the + sign next to the Publish radio button it opens the Hotkeys menu. If I try and set the hotkey for Publish:Publish changes I get a purple “Press hotkey” but the keyboard doesn’t open…

Even if I were able to setup a hotkey not sure how helpful it would be with an iPhone keyboard. Any pointers on how to get this setup? Is it even possible?

Even if you could…which it looks like you might be able to…hit the three lines on the bottom right and then select the paper airplane image…

Let me know how it works out. Curious.

So you are publishing from a synced vault?

@tondeaf That did the trick! Thank you :smiley: It is working great now

I am publishing from a synced vault (a tad pricey, Obsidian should offer a bulk discount I think :thinking:)

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