Obsidian Publish: let the visitor customize the graph views

Use case or problem

I’ve been building a cryptography wiki with Obsidian Publish for the last month or so. I’m turning off the interactive graph this week, as it’s been more confusing than helpful. Any node with more than 5 connections gets messy in a hurry.

I really wanted the local graph to work, to demonstrate how the concepts in the wiki connect to one another, so this is quite disappointing. I have a few feature requests that would make it possible, or at least improve the state of affairs.

    1. Give users a setting to filter whether a connection shows in the graph. There are many instances where I link a [[term]] for clarity, so that a user may hover over the term to get the definition if they are unfamiliar. This means that every node in my wiki tends to have at least 10 other linked nodes, which overwhelms the graph. A hoverover-but-don’t-link behavior with some syntax, eg +[[term]], similar to the ![[blah]] syntax for wikilinks, would significantly improve matters for the local graph.
    1. The global graph is also effectively useless (see global graph on my site), without the options to tweak global graph settings as exist on the desktop client. Adding a feature to configure graph link-distance/etc settings (or even persistent, as with the Persistent Graph plugin) would make the global graph actually usable. Persistent color settings for node types would also be a huge quality of life improvement.

Thanks for the attention and your work.


just bought a year worth of publish, I second this and there’s no canvas support. Kind of regretting my purchase at the moment.

  • 1 on this! The visitor should be able to customize the graph view, for example typing a specific word to only keep files containing this word. Does anybody have a workaround? Because we’ve been asking for this feature for a long time now… Thank you!

How is that regret going?

On a separate note: Graph is pretty useless in its current state, visually at the very least.


Hi there, still waiting for the filtering option :pray: Or any workaround you may have, honestly I am ready to quit obsidian publish for a more effective graph view :frowning:

I’m also regretting the purchase due to the missing Graph Options from my Desktop App. The Graph Feature was mainly the reason I’m using Obsidian and the goal is to share Informations with my colleagues with publish.

I wish to support this feature request, the Graph view in publish is really useless unfortunately :frowning: But I would really, really like it to work!