Obsidian publish - internal inks and blank notes!

Hello All!

When using publish, by default, I would assume that internal links pointing to pages that are not published are automatically removed from the published site! So that readers do not click on a link to land on a 404 page! Is this the case?

Also, while working in the offline vault, sometimes when writing a note, you create a new linked note - hoping to expand on the content in that note at a later stage, or at least it allows you to see that note in the graph view (which is great to visualize your thinking in progress) you want to expand on;

I am wondering if it would also be possible to automatically remove the links pointing to that blank notes in the published version of Obsidian!

As the writer, it is fine to work in an ongoing draft mode while your develop your ideas. However as a reader, it might be ok to read half backed notes, but landing on 404’s (blank pages; or unpublished pages) is likely to be more frustrating!

Best wishes


Btw: Really enjoying Obsidian!
Thanks for the great work!