Obsidian Publish impressions

Here are some thoughts I had about Obsidian Publish after a few days:

  • Visitors must have javascript enabled, or they’ll just see a spinner.
  • It can make a nice simple site and publishing process, with lots of power under the hood for later. Eg https://joyful.com
  • It’s too expensive for casual multi-site use - $96/yr per site
  • It ties your editing/publishing work to one machine - unless you use Obsidian Sync - but at least, working remotely on your site may be harder
  • You give up your server logs and control of routing etc. to Obsidian. Unless, you set up your own webserver to proxy to them, which probably works reasonably well.
  • For rapid publishing you can bind a key (eg: C-CMD-P) to the publish dialog. It doesn’t, but should, let you hit enter to confirm (and maybe not show a second dialog after that).
  • The caching is mostly unobtrusive but sometimes gets in the way when editinga page - you may really need to clear the browser’s cache. (Related discussion)
  • It will likely improve and get more features occasionally
  • It’s very pleasant to use, hiding lots of boring details
  • I want an actual static site (and more automation/scripting opportunities), so I hope to maybe get sufficiently obsidian-like rendering working with something homegrown like eleventy-garden