Obsidian Publish API: how to track changing theme?

How to make a listener for theme changing?
I need this to switch the theme of the comments correspondingly.


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But I don’t think that I have the app.workspace.
How to subscribe with Obsidian Publish API?

Would a Mutation Observer satisfy your need? You can listen to the body element and tracking changes between theme-dark and theme-light class.

Code example here https://github.com/Acylation/obsidian-chem/blob/main/src/themeObserver.ts

Update on lifecycle management

// called by plugin `onload()`
themeObserver.observe(document.body, {
	attributes: true,
	attributeOldValue: true,
	attributeFilter: ['class'],

// called by plugin `onunload()`
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Sure I could do this.
It’s just that I hoped to find an API way: since it’s available now, I think it’s up to the API to provide such an integration.

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Ok, since there seem to be no other way, I’ll use DOM Mutation Observer. Thanks!