[Obsidian Publish] Add the ability to close sliding panes

I sometimes wonder if everyone knows how to do something except me. Whenever I encounter a sliding window on an Obsidian publish site, I cannot figure out how to close it.

Someone, please share how to do this. I use Safari as my browser.


I haven’t found an exact answer either. I tried finding a theme with panes and opening in Safari. I couldn’t close a pane exactly but I could change it. If I slide to the left, back to a lower note and click a new link, the second note on top will change. If I have several panes open and click a link in the lowest note, all the notes on top will go away and the link I just clicked with show up instead.

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Thank you @Shanna.
Hopefully someone has the answer.

I’m pretty certain Publish doesn’t provide an option to close a sliding pane. The only way I know how is to click into the home page or refresh the page from the browser.

I think there was a conversation in Discord about it and the developers confirmed there was no way to manually close a specific sliding pane yet. Maybe they will add. It may be worth creating a feature request for it.

@egfrenzy Thank you for replying.

I am pretty sure this is in consideration for development, but I’ll convert this to a feature request so that it’s noted either way.

An oddity with sliding mode is that “closing” a pane isn’t actually an option with Andy Matuschak’s notes either! Perhaps by design.

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The workaround I found is to just hit Alt-left, since that closes the rightmost tab. If I want to close ones on the left, I open the pane that I want to be on the left in a new tab (ctrl-click).

Anything new on this?

I just wanted to comment in support of this. I have received feedback from viewers who don’t use Obsidian that this is really distracting for them once they’ve clicked on a certain number of links.

Telling them “Just refresh every so often” doesn’t really seem like an answer. :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed! I love browsing digital gardens but the inability to close panes is a… pain.


+1 vote.

Currently Innos Note has implemented this close sliding panes feature

I’m new to Obsidian, but having tried other solutions, Obsidian seems to be the best solution for me.

However, there are some nits like not being able to close sliding panes that are going to limit how far I can go with Obsidian.

Since the dev team appears to be responsive to issues like this, I’m not going to give up just yet. But, I can imagine the inability to close a sliding pane could be come a showstopper at some point.


To be clear, this thread is about closing sliding panes in Publish only — i.e., when viewing someone’s notes on the web.

You should be able to close Sliding Panes in the app easily.

Just another vote for this, 2 years later (May 2022). At a minimum there should be some sort of user help to indicate that you can hit Refresh to close all of the panes.

+1 I really can’t see how I can publish for general use if users can’t figure out how to close panes. This is a show-stopper.

+1 for closing panes in publish.

I want users to be able to know they can close panes and backtrack.
It’s markedly differen to normal web page navigation. Closing links would help a lot.

Hey everyone. I solved this!!! You CAN close panes. I’m not sure if my specific settings are necessary in order for this to work, but in order to get an X to appear at the bottom left of each pane, I added this CSS to the publish.css file (I am also using the Atom theme, so maybe there’s some CSS there that is helping too.

.extra-title {
  opacity: 1 !important;

This was implemented a few weeks ago.

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