Obsidian Plugin Statistics Website

I built a small website that displays Obsidian plugin statistics. Check it out here. The code can be found here.

Still lots of stuff to potentially add later. At this moment you can:

  • Search for plugins (atm only ID)
  • View top plugins
  • View single plugin downloads over time


Amazing work @nevernotmove

I saw your work online and it was amazing. Keep up the good work. I cheer for you.

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Thank you very much @zachshirow, I appreciate your kind words :).

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Simple to use and very clean. Nice work!

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Thank you @VidE :))

Very nice minimalist UI! But it would be nice to see the exact number of downloads. Maybe show the number when hovering over a data point?

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Thank you, definitely on the list. If I go at it again I will add it.

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