Obsidian plugin developper wanted 😉

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a developper to create a obsidian plugin.
This plugin will be officially published for Obsidian community.

Purpose: create the plugin “Obsidian WordPress connect” to link an obsidian vault to my wordpress plugin, called “BusinessTemple Obsidian Bidirectional sync”.
Global purpose : allow bidirectional sync between a wordpress and a obsidian vault

This obsidian plugin will do:**

  • Connects to the WordPress plugin “BusinessTemple Obsidian” -
  • this plugin would have 2 main commands
      • “import notes from my wordpress”
      • “export the notes to my wordpress”
  • feature 1 : import prepared articles into wordpress
      • freshly imported articles would receive a specific link/tag, and would be placed in a specified folder
  • feature 2 : export notes from the Vault that are in a folder / or linked with [[To export to wordpress]] / or with the tag #a-exporter-sur-wordpress
      • the tag/link would be renamed if successful

**Plugin’s Settings **

  • WordPress access: user, mdp, secret key generated by the wordpress plugin BusinessTemple Obsidian
  • where to deposit the freshly imported notes in the vault?
  • the link/tag to add to the imported notes
  • the link/tag to detect the notes to export
  • the replacement link/tag for successfully exported notes

My query

  • i would love to find a developper that can create this obsidian plugin
  • developpe the rest api side in php for my plugin

I will be please to talk with you, ideas and go ahead :slight_smile:


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