Obsidian, please just create/rename the note minus the special character we accidentally put in the title, instead of making us start over

Currently, when you create or rename a file and put a special character in it, it completely cancels the file creation or file renaming when you try to save the name.

Instead, can it just create/rename the file without the special character? Perhaps with a small alert to remind us that Obsidian removed it? (Or at least please just prompt the user to fix their error, WITHOUT exiting the action and forcing us to start over?)

It’s especially irritating when typing out a detailed title with a lot of information. Add one special character, and your title reverts to what it was or your note doesn’t get created.

As most programs allow you to use more special characters in titles than Obsidian does, it’s easy to forget this limitation. Not having this stopgap can add up to a nontrivial amount of of wasted time and annoyance.

This is fixed in the current Insider version and will be fixed in the next public release:

  • Pressing Enter or Tab when the file titlebar is focused will not revert the filename if the new name is invalid. Instead, an error message will be shown and the titlebar will stay active.

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