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Does anyone know when this plugin will be approved by Obsidian? GitHub - RyotaUshio/obsidian-pdf-plus: An Obsidian.md plugin for annotating PDF files with highlights just by linking to text selection. It also adds many quality-of-life improvements to Obsidian's built-in PDF viewer and PDF embeds.
Seem to be a good alternative for pdf annotation.
Has anyone tried it?

I’m the author of this plugin.
I don’t know when it will be approved, and also the Obsidian team will not provide any ETA, which I think is a reasonable policy.
No matter when it will be added to the official list, you can try it out by using BRAT.

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wow thanks for the response!
ok, i’ll try it that way

another question, when the plugin is officially added, do i have to install it again in the ‘usual’ way?

No, you don’t. But if you want to make sure you only install a stable version, not the possibly unstable latest beta version, you need to remove PDF++ from BRAT’s beta plugins list.

i tried the plugin and i think it’s pretty good. i left you some comments in the ‘buy me a coffee’ section. … and i bought you a coffee :wink:

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Glad to hear you liked it!
Also I really appreciate your support and suggestions!

@ush I super appreciate the amount of work and dedication you have put into this plugin. Especially your intentional effort to make the documentation clear and user friendly. I have basic understanding of coding so your documents are very concise and well considered.

One thought/question I have is for the auto copy/paste feature. I find myself highlight text and then wanting to add it to a particular place in a note, rather than just being appended to the end of the note.

What I find myself doing is want to go back further into a note and to add annotation highlights to where I click my cursor in the note. For example I am studying about compassion and what I am reading relates to the conceptual understanding of compassion, and this would fit better at the beginning stage of my note.

What I would like is to click my cursor in note where I want the annotations to go, rather than to append to the bottom of a note.

I am wondering if this is clear enough? I am happy to make a short video and send it to you.

If it is clear, I am wondering how possible this enhancement option would be?

I appreciate you reading and the work you put in.



I came to this forum to say Thank you - your plugin will make my life so much easier!
I was looking for a good way to annotate and extract information from PDFs since day one in Obsidian.

This has been amazingly reliable tool (working with it the whole day), with so many options to customize, but also the plugin that just gets us and works out of the box!

I am looking forward to your upgrades and fixes.

I have one suggestion - it would be great if we could assign different keyboard shortcuts to “copy as quote” and “copy as callout”, to make the workflow even more streamlined. Or to enable the auto-copy to perform one function and the keyboard shortcut another.

Your plugin also can extract existing annotations in PDFs, which I did not see in the documentation. It would be also great if it could extract separate comments and comments contained inside highlight annotations (something I was using extensively before).

Again - amazing work and thank you so much for the effort you put in.

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Hello there.

Thanks for creating the PDF++ plugin. I am just amazed by the quantum of configurations provided. So many customizations possible. Love the details.

However, I couldn’t find a way to do the following(or maybe I didn’t explore properly) - I want to extract all the highlights of a pdf at once. I go on highlighting whatever I need on my 1st read, and then extract highlights/short notes. Also, I am only concerned with the text of my highlights. If there is a way to extract all highlights at once, can I just extract/import the highlighted part?

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