Obsidian pdf plus

Does anyone know when this plugin will be approved by Obsidian? GitHub - RyotaUshio/obsidian-pdf-plus: An Obsidian.md plugin for annotating PDF files with highlights just by linking to text selection. It also adds many quality-of-life improvements to Obsidian's built-in PDF viewer and PDF embeds.
Seem to be a good alternative for pdf annotation.
Has anyone tried it?

I’m the author of this plugin.
I don’t know when it will be approved, and also the Obsidian team will not provide any ETA, which I think is a reasonable policy.
No matter when it will be added to the official list, you can try it out by using BRAT.

wow thanks for the response!
ok, i’ll try it that way

another question, when the plugin is officially added, do i have to install it again in the ‘usual’ way?

No, you don’t. But if you want to make sure you only install a stable version, not the possibly unstable latest beta version, you need to remove PDF++ from BRAT’s beta plugins list.

i tried the plugin and i think it’s pretty good. i left you some comments in the ‘buy me a coffee’ section. … and i bought you a coffee :wink:

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Glad to hear you liked it!
Also I really appreciate your support and suggestions!