Obsidian Pandoc plugin installation

I installed and activated Pandoc from Obsidian without problems. It wants me to find out the installation path and put it into the “Pandoc path”. To find out this path; I should issue “Get-command pandoc” in my PowerShell.
But when I do this, the powershell answers with: “the term ‘pandoc’ is not recognized by Get-Command”.

No idea what that is. I tried to find the path ‘by hand’ but was not successful.

What I’m trying to do

I’ve not used Pandoc, but it seems like it would like for you to install Pandoc outside of Obsidian. Have you done that?

I think, but I’m on thin ice here, that most Pandoc plugins rely on the Pandoc program itself to be installed as a separate installation in parallel with Obsidian, and thusly you need to reference the path to it within your plugin configuration. (But I might be wrong, as I’ve not used Pandoc)

Well, I’ll wait a little. But Your thought seem so be valuable to me. But I am not sure that Obsitian surely contacts Pandoc correctly.
But: thx!

Works for me. I installed pandoc long before installing Obsidian and the plugin. Clearly the plugin found pandoc somewhere on my path because I have not changed any settings for it. Have to say that I do not use PowerShell just rely on pandoc being available in a macOS Terminal session because the PATH variable includes its directory.

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