Obsidian organization, note structure, high school note-taking,

Some background first: I’m a high school student and I do some programming next to many other things

I recently saw an amazing video on remembering things (not sure whether I can link it so I won’t), and the guy used Obsidian, which inspired me to do the same. I think Obsidian is great, however I can’t wrap my head around some things. I’ve heard the lines “just start writing notes” and “you need to figure out your own way of organization”, which I know are true, but I can’t. I can’t write notes knowing I could potentially be doing them more efficiently, and I feel so lost as there are many options for organization in Obsidian.

That said, I’m looking for some ideas as to how to utilize folders vs tags, what should the overall structure of my notes be, anything that can help me find my way, etc…
Separate question: once school starts, how manageable is it to take paper notes in school (as we can’t use computers), and rewrite them into obsidian while translating them into English?

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I’ve seen quite a few Youtube videos already, but none of them give concrete enough ways to use specific organization tools. I feel like I always have an easier time getting started with things if I get multiple concrete options to try, than if I know the basics and try things on my own.

You gave me a few ideas though, thanks!