Obsidian <-> org-mode rosetta stone

Hey! I’m a long time org-mode user, and decided to give Obsidian a try – I quite like it in many aspects so far, but missing some of the workflows I’m used to.

Is there some sort of Rosetta Stone for org-mode features and their corresponding Obsidian workflows/plugins I can use to achieve similar?
Obviously don’t mean syntax, more of things like org-capture/org-refile/org-archive etc

I did search forums and went through help, did find some workarounds – although some are clunky and I’m not sure whether the ones I find are the best (there can be multiple ways to do the same thing).

Just wondering perhaps there is some single resource/migration guide org-mode people. That could also be very helpful for convincing people to give it a try/switch to Obsidian.