Obsidian online instead of installed app?

Hi, My work does not allow the installation of apps in the computers (need admin rights), and I need to access my notes periodically and work on them.

I am a obsidian sync subscriber, can you please tell me if it’s possible to access my notes and edit them through my browser?


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It’s not possible directly thru Obsidian. The version of your notes on the Obsidian Sync servers is encrypted; Sync keeps a full decrypted copy on each of your devices.

Your notes are just plain text files, tho, so if you have a way to remotely access them or the computer they’re on (SSH, remote desktop, etc.), you can work with them that way (using Obsidian itself if remote desktop, or any other text editor you can point at them if not).

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I´m currently looking at


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Are you allowed to use your own iPad or iPhone at work? I access my personal Obsidian notes on an iPad at work, iPhone when I’m on the go.

not sure if you’ve found a solution yet. i’m still looking for a solid option, as are many others. maybe it is something that will happen eventually.

for now, i use obsidian sync to connect my laptop, ipad, and office computer at one place i work. i’m also using obsidian git plugin to sync to a private github repository. i can access that on other computers that i can’t install obsidian on. using vscode.dev to edit the markdown files directly. i don’t get all the cool obsidian stuff but it works good enough for now. only issue is that i’m only syncing github through my laptop so i have to make sure that processes files before i try accessing through ipad or work computer.

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