Obsidian on Work Computer

What I’m trying to do

I use Obsidian on my iPhone and iPad, with a sync via an iCloud folder. I’d also like to use it on my Windows work computer, but obviously have concerns regarding confidentiality. If I install iCloud (personal drive) on my Windows Work Computer, are txt files only saved to that drive? If that’s the case, will my files be kept relatively private?

Things I have tried

icloud downloads files you use on to the computer itself (obsidian can’t work off anything other than properly local files). There isn’t any way to hide that stuff on a work computer as far as I’m aware. Perhaps you could use a separately-synced work vault?

If you are concerned about privacy, don’t put any personal information on your work computer.

Assume that everything on your work computer will be read by your employer’s IT and HR department.

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And relying on iCloud sync on a Windows computer isn’t recommended

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