Obsidian on mobile through emulation?

Has anyone managed to get obsidian to work on mobile through emulation? I have heard that Android is a variation of Linux so maybe we could get the Linux version of obsidian to run on an Android device using userLAnd?

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Not tried to use emulator. What do you hope to get over just a text editor, when using a phone?

On iOS I have been happy paying for 1Writer and usingDropbox sync to work nicely together.

While you wait for a more official way, have you tried using a markdown editor apps?

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that’s a really interesting idea, I havn’t tried it, I don’t think it would be that easy to set up though.

I use linux and android, so I see where you are coming from, considering there’s no good android app that allows linking obsidian notes (that I’m aware of)

to @tristanbailey 's point, I tried 1writer on an iphone and I looks great, unfortunatly for us android users, we are still a bit stuck, since 1writer is an iphone only app.

I use ia writer for android, but not having the ability to use [[links]] is really frustrating

perhaps setting up an android emulator for vim with vimwiki might be an easier set up, but I’m not sure how good it’d work

@santi Yes I have not researched the android options, there must me some md editor that will add it.
In 1Writer I did find, it needs the full file links to be clickable on the phone, and in obsidian I let it strip the path and .md so not all link unless I revert that, but mostly I use it for writing and not the links when on my phone.

Good luck

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got you, I didn’t know 1writer had that limitation, thanks I’ll keep looking for andrioid ways to use [[links]], but yeah when it comes to fust writing android does have a few different apps as well

Have you tried Epsilon Notes with the modifications suggested in a post on the forum?

For me, there are too many minor niggles with all the apps for me to use them as a mobile Obsidian.

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I havn’t yet tried Epsilon, I’ll give it a go, thank you!