Obsidian on Macos, iOS and Android 11 - Workflow for using Boox Note Air 2 Tablet in combination with icloud

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Dear Obsidian-Tribe,

I’m quite new to Obsidian and using it as a regular knowledge management tool.
I was pretty happy after my first steps and findig a process, that works for me and my daily work.
I’m planning to lern and study new topics and startet to find and order ebooks for theses topics. I saw some people using Kindle devices in their daily workflow, so I bought a Onyx Boox Note Air 2.
I’d hope, that I could synchronize the Obsidian-App on this Android 11 driven device with my existing Obsidian-vault, but I found, that this is not as simple, as I thought.

Normally, I’m using the sync function between my Mac and my iPhone with iCloud, but I could not find posibiilities to use that with the Boox Note Air 2.

I wanted to transfer my book comments and markings an my handwritten notes/doodles to my Obsidian-vault.

Has anyone an idea how I could manage that?

Thank you and best regards,


Hi I have a Boox Nova 2. As it’s an Android device I loaded the Google app store, and installed Obsidian on it through the app store. I use Obsidian sync to sync between the Boox and my Mac.
What I currently do is transfer my book comments/highlights to Zotero, and handwritten notes on the Boox to Obsidian, by connecting my Boox to the Mac over USB, and transfer the files with Android File Transfer.
What I intend to do is have the notes on the Boox be stored in a folder that is part of the Obsidian vault, so they will sync over Obsidian sync. Haven’t checked yet if that works.
My Boox storage my limit the utility of that however, in that it would fill up the device too quickly if I don’t remove handwritten notes from time to time.


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