Obsidian on iPhone 15 Pro iOS 17.4.1 not starting

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to run Obsidian on iPhone.

Tapping on app icon starts Obsidian, the Obsidian logo apears, after some seconds just a black screen. No option to choose e vault.

After my change from iPhone 12 to iPhone 15 i have deleted my vault folder on icloud, deleted all backups and wanted a fresh install.

Things I have tried

Reinstalled Obsidian a few times. Nothing helps.

thanks in advance

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Hopefully something in here can help:

no, it doesn’t help.
There is no vault or folder in my icloud.

I finally had success after force restarting my iPhone. I’d restarted a number of times with no success but the extra level of force restarting did the trick :upside_down_face:

Fore restarting did the trick, but only for a short period of time. After a short time its stuck again. And a force restart does it’s magic again…and then it works for some time…

I just upgraded to iPhone 15 and faced this issue. The screen goes completely dark, no progress bars, no sign of it working. Restarted, force restarted, reinstalled, updated iOS. There is no existing vault. I’ve been using Obsidian for years on old iPhones, but never experienced this.
Are there other iPhone 15 users facing this issue?