Obsidian on ARM devices

I just wanted to drop a note of thanks to everyone involved in making Obsidian available on ARM. There are a lot of great ARM devices around but software support isn’t great and the lack of one or two packages, or the effort required to get things working, and keep them working, has previously been a deal breaker for me. This feature of Obsidian deserves more praise and attention.

My Raspberry Pi4 is finally able to deliver my requirements as a simple, reliable, silent, low-power, always-on workstation thanks to Obsidian ARM and Obsidian Sync. No struggling with flaky AUR packages for Joplin and Nextcloud desktop sync, no Arch, no Syncthing, no mounting poor performing Webdav folder, etc.

I’m even considering ordering a Pinebook Pro now.

Flatpak works flawlessly (so far) on Manjaro and Ubuntu on the Pi 4. I was not able to get the App Image working on Ubuntu though.

What are the Obsidian dev’s and/or community’s future intentions regarding ARM support?