Obsidian on Android doesn't pick up file changes

I am using Obisidian on Android, and updating some of my notes programmatically. I know for a fact that the file for the note on my mobile phone has changed, but when that note was already open in Obsidian, the change is not picked up. (On my Macbook such ‘external’ changes are picked up almost immediately).

I have tried exiting the note to another one, exiting Obsidian and restarting it. The only way that I have been able to “reload” so far is by restarting the phone, then opening Obsidian again, (which proves that the change to the file was indeed made), but that is a bit cumbersome.

Is there a simple way to force Obsidian to reload the note from disk? Or is this a bug and is it supposed to do that (like it does on macOS?

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It’s the same on my Android phone.

In the Mobile Toolbar settings when you scroll all the way down you can “Add global command” → Reload app without saving

I can then just hit that icon and Obsidian will reload.

On my desktop I use Ctrl+R for that.


I’m using keyboard shortcuts on Android phone/tablet without a physical keyboard:

Install Hacker’s Keyboard

In Settings enable Use permanent notification
Normally a keyboard only activates in an input area, but now one can just click the permanent “Show Hacker’s Keyboard” notification - and use all the useful shortcuts including Hotkeys.

In Settings you can also enable “Gesture and Key actions” to use left/right swipe OR volume up/down to change keyboard size quickly.


Picture of “Show Hacker’s Keyboard” in my notifications dropdown.

[“Hacker’s Keyboard” has to be the active keyboard for the “Show Hacker’s Keyboard” to work.]

I’ve implemented Fold all headings and lists as ALT+Left Arrow

Picture shows ALT key pressed

Picture shows everything folded after ALT+Left Arrow pressed


PS: How to Use Hacker’s Keyboard

@ichmoimeyo Thanks for the reply, but unfortunately that doesn’t do the trick for me. I ran reload app without saving, and also stopped the app, deleted the cache and deleted the data for the app (which required re-adding the vault after which thing still did not get updated, not sure how that can be), but none of that would cause an update. Only a restart of the phone has the required result.

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