Obsidian October 2021 daily progress and learnings

Release/Submission day - woot


  • Readme improvements (on overdue tasks, tag board set up, and how tasks are ordered in columns).
  • Embracing BRAT for testing (a must have if you’re developing plugins).
  • Improved how files are opened from the board so it no longer writes block references into your markdown.
  • Improved the layout of my typescript code, hopefully to make reviewing a bit easier.
  • Fixed a bug in selecting which cards appear in which columns on tag boards.
  • Added a command palette command for easy launching.
  • Submitted as a new community plugin: version 0.1.0.
  • Submitted for Obsidian October.


  • Sleep is great; was stumped on something yesterday and had 2 ideas on how to fix in my head in the morning (how does that even work?).
  • What a great community; some bugs spotted and squashed, some minor improvements made and quite a few interesting feature requests.
  • Actually doing a release is hard - it took a few goes (forgot to add any files to the release (twice), realised I missed something I wanted included, spotted a mistake in the readme…)
  • I need a rest! (not for long) been a pretty full-on week getting the plugin ready.

Thanks for all the support (over on discord in particular), and to @torstenk @darthmachina @TfTHacker @FelipeRearden and @Quorafind for comments and discussions on github too :smiley:


This is a killer plugin for me. Task management is so much easier. I now have Cardboard as my home page.
Thanks for all your hard work.
Allan @ adxsoft

I really like the idea of Hot Notes. It reminds me of the heat map plug in in Anki where you can see how many flashcards you did out of your total on a day with the coloring of the day.

I could see some use cases for the hot notes with notemaking.

For example, you could see what the foundations of your thinking are. You could also see where you are not looking into that often for potential ideas on where to link to.

This plug in is gamechanging. There are so many things I do at school that require specific Obsidian pages to be open. If I had a quicker and more fluid way to switch workspaces it would be awesome!

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Hey Aidan I’m so happy to hear that! If you have a chance, please reach out to me on discord, johnny1093#3137. I’d love to hear more about your use case to see what we can do to make the experience better for you. Thanks!