Obsidian notes last opened - graph view

A glaringly simple idea which could supercharge Obsidian and seriously benefit the KMS community.

What if the Graph view could be “temperature” color coded by when last the note was opened. (or how frequently the note is opened)

This would promote me to continue going back to old notes and updating information/engaging with my knowledge.

Right now with a couple hundred notes it’s all a big blur - I feel like I lose a lot of notes because I don’t remember that I haven’t opened them in super long.

What do you think?

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Probably it’s helpful to know what changes a lot and what does not :slight_smile:

A plugin could add some statistics to the note’s attributes (YAML frontmatter)

  1. Times visited
  2. Times edited

EDIT: I changed my mind, perhaps it’s better to read the ‘change info’ directly from GIT or have a log file centralized somewhere

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